Bill Belichick Has Great Praise For 1 Browns Player

The New England Patriots will meet the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and as usual, head coach Bill Belichick has something to say about his favorite Browns player. This is sort of a tradition for the Patriots head coach. Belichick likes to share his thoughts about the best player on the team he is coaching against at that particular moment.

Who did he pick this time?

According to Coach B, Browns tight end David Njoku is the best tight end to ever play for the Browns since Ozzie Newsome’s era with the team.

“After Ozzie, probably the best tight end the Browns have ever had,” Belichick said. We believe that Njoku will be extra motivated after this statement. Belichick may have motivated the wrong guy. His team will play against this player after all.

Bill Belichick had a really good reason to praise the Browns player

Njoku is set to have a brilliant season with the Browns. This may be his best season so far as he has 250 receiving yards in the last three games of the season. Njoku has caught 24 passes for 289 yards so far. Browns coaches seem to be super excited about his potential because he really looks like the start they have been looking for this whole time.

Cleveland won a lot of games with Newsome on the field. He played for the team for 13 seasons and even had four All-Pro selections and three Pro Bowl nods. When it comes to career records, Newsome had 7,980 yards receiving and 47 touchdowns.

Njoku is in his sixth season in the NFL and his numbers could go up overnight. He is entering his primetime and that’s more than great news for Browns fans.

The Patriots will play against Njoku on Sunday and Njoku will be there to help his team beat Belichick’s squad. NFL analysts have made bold predictions about this game. Will Bailey Zappe lead the team to another win? Will Mac Jones return to the field after missing a few games? Belichick has to plan his Week 6 carefully.