Bill Belichick Maintaining Patriots QB Mystery Ahead Of Jets Match

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick may be throwing a QB competition this season. He had Mac Jones at center, but the second-year quarterback had struggles early in the season. Rookie Bailey Zappe took the field and led the team to two wins. Some fans insist that Belichick keeps him at center. One thing stands for sure, the Patriots head coach won’t say a word at this point.

Belichick is a man of a few words. He is focused on his games. That’s all. The Patriots head coach never shares details of his future plans. Who will be his starting quarterback?

“We’ll see how it goes here today,” Belichick said Wednesday.

Reporters didn’t stop here and asked a few similar questions. As you may be guessing, Belichick provided similar answers.

Bill Belichick trusts his Patriots QB plan

Will he work on a different QB rotation? What about Jones? Is his position secure?

“Look, we’re not doing anything here,” Belichick said. “We haven’t practiced. We’re going to go out, and we’re going to see how it goes today. All right?”

Jones and Zappe found themselves in a rather tricky situation. Both quarterbacks may compete for the starting job in New England. Jones returned to game action on Monday, but Belichick pulled him to the sideline. What does that mean? Belichick claims Jones’ removal had nothing to do with this performance. He had it planned… The timing was awkward because Jones was pulled after an interception.

“We’ll get the team ready to play,” Belichick said.

The Patriots have to make a decision and pick the right quarterback for the season.

“Yeah, we’ll deal with it,” he replied.

Will Jones and Zappe compete?

“I wouldn’t say that,” Belichick said.

There was an avalanche of questions related to Jones and Zappe, but Belichick didn’t want to say a word about his next move.

“We’re just getting ready for the Jets,” Belichick said. We saw this coming.

The Patriots are playing against the New York Jets. It’s an important game for both teams and the Patriots have to win this one.