Chicago Bears Veteran Disrespects Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots are playing against the Chicago Bears and it seems like Bears players are doing their best to motivate their opponents. Bears veteran Justin Jones disrespected head coach Bill Belichick and we all know what that means. Get ready for real football!

In his interview with Mark Carman from CHGO Sports, Jones talked about the upcoming game and yes, he used the opportunity to trash the team.

“Deflated balls.” Did Jones really need to mention this? He took everyone back in time and reminded the NFL world of the huge scandal that made headlines for many years.

The Bears veteran played the wrong Bill Belichick game

According to Jones, the Patriots are still deflating footballs. Need more? He will check the balls before the game against Belichick’s team. He is messing with the wrong guy. It was a bad move for Jones and he may have put his team in danger. No one messes with an angry head coach. No one messes with Bill Belichick. He is the GOAT and Jones has just made the biggest mistake in his life. Things can go terribly wrong for the young player.

N’Keal Harry goes against his former team

Patriots players are motivated to win this particular game. A Bears player is motivated to beat the team for obvious reasons. N’Keal Harry will play against his former team. This will be his debut with the Bears and yes, that makes the game even more special for the veteran.

Belichick used a first-round pick to get Harry, but the veteran failed to meet expectations. Moreover, he became a walking disappointment for the Patriots and they sent him to Chicago this summer. The wideout suffered an injury and spent a lot of time on IR. Will he suit up for the game vs. Patriots? We believe that Harry wouldn’t miss this one for anything in the world. This may be his revenge game after all.

New England has a few good reasons to beat the Bears. Winning this game would teach Jones a lesson of good behavior. He can’t just walk around and disrespect the greatest head coach in league history.