Ex-Patriot Shares Inside Info About QBs Mac Jones, Bailey Zappe

The New England Patriots lost their starting quarterback to an injury early in the season. Mac Jones suffered a high ankle sprain and Bailey Zappe stepped in as a replacement. Brian Hoyer’s concussion was the last drop. New England won two games with Zappe at center. A growing number of NFL analysts believe that he is the right starting QB for the Patriots. Jones is not 100% at the moment, but he will sure return at one point. Will Bill Belichick replace him? It’s too soon to make a prediction.

The McCourty twins hosted a charity bowling event in Boston and guess what… Zappe and Jones attended the event. According to Jason, there was no tension between these two. He provided a great update on the situation inside the Patriots locker room. Zappe may have better performance than Jones, but they are great friends.

“I was with both of these guys Monday night at the charity event,” said McCourty, whose twin brother still plays for the Patriots. “The team loves ’em — both of ’em. Both of these guys. … They were in there hanging out, laughing and joking.”

Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe follow a familiar pattern

McCourty didn’t stop here. He discussed the situation Tom Brady found himself in years ago. He replaced Drew Bledsoe as a starting quarterback and the rest is history. Will Zappe follow the same pattern?

“Very similar,” McCourty said. “Mac Jones was a first-round draft pick last year; Zappe I believe it was fourth-round this year. The Patriots didn’t really have a backup quarterback. (Brian) Hoyer, that’s my guy, (but) B-Hoyer is older than me. The years aren’t going to continue to gain. So now you have Bailey Zappe and Mac Jones. You have two guys to solidify the quarterback room. And maybe there’s some competition. I think Mac gets the job back, but the leash is a little bit shorter in the fact of you can’t turn the ball over.”

Jones struggles with turnovers and his poor performance made fans ask questions. He delivered five interceptions and Zappe has one pick. What does that mean?

The Patriots have yet to make a decision on their starting quarterback for the game against the Chicago Bears…