Head Coach Bill Belichick Missed Potentially Game-Changing Official Error

The New England Patriots lost Monday’s game to the Chicago Bears. This broke their winning record and analysts now discuss the mistakes Bill Belichick made during the game, suggesting that he missed an error from an official.

Second-year quarterback Mac Jones joined his teammates during the game. He did just three series and Belichick decided to pull him to the sideline. Jones threw an interceptions during his short time on the field and Belichick decided to remove him from the game. Fans made it even more interesting. They chanted for Belichick to put Bailey Zappe on the field. Zappe understood the assignment and led the team on back-to-back scoring drives. The Patriots had a 14-10 lead, but the offense made some mistakes, too. The defense made mistakes too.

Bill Belichick should have challenged the official

It was a bad loss and fans still talk about Jones’ interception. Experts explain that the interception shouldn’t count.

A Buffalo Bills fan shared a video of the interception. According to this video, Jones’ ball hit the sky-cam wire before landing in Jaquan Brisker’s hands. There was a change in its trajectory and Brisker took advantage of the situation. The Patriots should have noticed this and maybe even challenge it. Maybe Jones would’ve finished the game on the field instead of just standing at the sideline.

Jones entered the season with a poor performance. He didn’t play his best football in the first three games of the regular season. Zappe did a better job in his first two games as a starter and some fans believe he is a better option that Jones.

It seems like Belichick is throwing another quarterback competition. Jones challenged Cam Newton and got the job. Zappe is now challenging him. Jones is dealing with a big issue right now. There’s no room for a mistake at this point. Both quarterbacks have a lot to prove and their future depends on their performance on the field. Let’s see what happens in the upcoming game. Will Jones start the game? Will Zappe step in as a replacement for the starting quarterback?