Lakers Advised To Trade Anthony Davis For $194 Million Superstar

LeBron James and Anthony Davis lead the Los Angeles Lakers on the basketball court, but the powerful duo seems to be unable to lead the team to a lead. That’s what doubters say. LeBron and AD joined forces once again, but their power is not enough. Head coach Darvin Ham made some changes to his game plan. Did it work? No, LA has yet to win a game. According to experts, the Lakers should pull out a trade move for Davis. Will Rob Pelinka let him go?

Experts say that Russell Westbrook is not the only problem LA deals with right now. Paul Pierce mentioned AD, suggesting that the Lakers should trade him for Kevin Durant.

This tweet may trigger an avalanche of reactions. Again. The Lakers took part in pretty much every rumor in the offseason. Although Westbrook was the star of the show, AD got his share, too.

The Brooklyn Nets deal with the same problems they had last season. Having KD on the floor didn’t help them at all. The same goes to LA. Now may be the perfect time to shake things up.

The Lakers were advised to trade Anthony Davis last season

Davis’ injuries have been a major issue in the last few seasons. He missed a lot of time and his absence made things worse for the purple and gold. AD is missing time again and fans can’t hide their concerns. LeBron discussed Davis’ latest injury and this may be the update we’ve been waiting for this whole time.

“He has to do what’s best for his body,” the four-time NBA champion said. “Do what’s best for his body and his mind. When his mind is gone then everything else will fall to the wayside. So he has to trust himself. Yes he wants to play every game, and yes he wants to be out there for our team, but he’s had a lot of bumps and bruises over the last few years so he has to trust himself, trust the staff and not put his body in harm’s way.”