Lakers LeBron James Sends Big Message To Warriors Jordan Poole

LeBron James is making headlines with every move he makes and this time he mentioned Jordan Poole. LeBron is all-in when it comes to supporting great players.

The four-time NBA champion praised Poole on Twitter and caught the attention of many fans across the NBA. LeBron watched games that night and obviously, Poole earned his praise. The Golden State Warriors sharpshooter is doing an excellent job on the basketball court. The Warriors lost the game to the Phoenix Suns, but Poole was great. He scored 17 points, five assists, and two rebounds on 50% shooting from the field and 40% shooting from deep. The Warriors had a really good reason to trust him.

LeBron talked about Poole, but Stephen A. Smith talked about the king of basketball. The NBA media wanted to lure LeBron into their net, encouraging him to talk about Russell Westbrook’s struggles. He refused to do so, and Smith used the opportunity to criticize him.

“To my brother, LeBron James,” Smith said. “My brother, you are a brilliant brother, brilliant basketball player, brilliant mind…But don’t think you’re that damn smart, that you get to navigate this…talking about the media setting you up to get at Russell Westbrook, nah my brother, you did that.

“Opening night, when you said ‘we’re not a team of shooters,’ you know good and well who everybody was going to look at. And you said it anyway. You’ve gotta own that, my brother. You’ve gotta own that. You cannot want to talk about Westbrook for the rest of the year, we’re all going to remember what you said on opening night, it’s just that simple.”

When it comes to Westbrook, LeBron is a real supporter. The same goes to Anthony Davis. Both Lakers superstars stood by Westbrook’s side despite his struggles. LA has a 0-3 record at this point. Things don’t look really well for the team, but hey, it’s too soon to make a prediction of any kind.

LeBron doesn’t pay attention to outside noise. He is busy getting ready for the upcoming game.