Lakers Star LeBron James Puts Roster On Notice After Big Loss to Warriors

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the opener to the defending champions and it was bad. LeBron James and other players on the Lakers roster opened the regular season with a loss to the Golden State Warriors and the king of basketball issued a big warning.

Lakers players haven’t found a solution to their shooting skills. LeBron was well aware of the struggles his teammates had. He knows that his teammates have to improve their shooting. Going after the defending champions was quite a challenge for the 2022-23 Lakers roster.

“I mean, I don’t know. I think we’re getting great looks and I think there also could be some teams giving us great looks,” LeBron told reporters. “To be completely honest, we’re not a team that’s constructed of great shooting. And that’s just what the truth of the matter is. It’s not like we’re sitting here with a bunch of lasers on our team. But that doesn’t deter us from still trying to get great shots. When you get those opportunities, you take them. But we’re not sitting here with a bunch of 40-plus [percent] career 3-point shooting guys.”

LeBron James motivated after the loss to Warriors

LeBron went 3-of-10. His teammates didn’t fire a lot of threes. Darvin Ham will be super busy in the next period, pushing the bar even higher.

It was a bad start of the regular season, but there’s no room for despair. It may take some time to hit the right rhythm, but LeBron trusts his skills. He also trusts the potential of his teammates.

“You continue to trust the shot,” LeBron said. “You put in the work out on the floor when the cameras are not watching, then you trust it. … I put the work in here, so I live with those results. And if everybody is putting in the work, you live with those results.”

Anthony Davis liked the performance his team had in the game. His teammates showed strong aggression, and hopefully, everything will be much better in the next few games.