Lakers Star LeBron James Sounds Off On Russell Westbrook Rough Game

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the game to their city rivals and fans are disappointed. Many would say that Russell Westbrook was even more disappointing, but LeBron James doesn’t agree on this one.

Russ went 0-11 from the field and delivered just two points. Head coach Darvin Ham benched him in the final moments of the game which led to huge speculation. Will Westbrook leave the team in the near future?

Westbrook’s defense was decent and he may embrace a different role with the team. LeBron didn’t criticize his teammate. Losing the game to the Clippers won’t change the fact that Brodie is a talented player. He’s been around for many years and knows the game. According to LeBron, it was just a bad shooting night.

“Just flush it down the toilet and get ready for Sunday. He’s a veteran. We’ve all had bad shooting nights. Everybody in this league has had bad shooting nights,” the four-time NBA champion said. “Who cares. I thought he played a great game. Defensively he was in tune, he pushed the tempo. He didn’t make any shots and that’s OK. Had five steals and two back-to-back in a critical time when they were trying to post him against Kawhi. He didn’t make any shots and that’s fine.”

Westbrook was super confident about his performance and even claimed that his performance was “solid”.

“Solid, solid,” the one-time NBA MVP said. “Played hard. That’s all you can ask for.”

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook join forces for another game

Lakers players still struggle shooting and had a really bad night. It was a bad start of the new season and these losses will motivate everyone to try harder next time. This goes to Russ. He has to improve his performance otherwise the Lakers won’t let him waste their time.

LeBron is the ultimate leader of the team. He is well aware of the shooting struggles on the floor. Maybe Rob Pelinka should focus on this aspect of the gameplan.

“We’re getting great looks, but it could also be teams giving us great looks,” James said after a loss to the Warriors. “To be completely honest, we’re not a team that’s constructed of great shooting and that’s just the truth of the matter. It’s not like we’re sitting here with a lot of lasers on our team.”