Lakers Star Russell Westbrook Fires Back At Viral Video

Russell Westbrook goes viral every time he makes a move. The same happened on Wednesday. Westbrook was seen “ignoring” his Los Angeles Lakers teammates in the preseason game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

In this video, Westbrook is sitting on the bench, but his buddies weren’t around. What happened? Well, Brodie is not worried about this. He’s been doing this for a really long time.

“Pregame, I’ve been doing that since I’ve been in the league for years, man,” Westbrook said after practice Thursday. “I think they just cut the video and obviously the internet is going to take it and run with whatever they need to run with. But, I’ve been doing the same ritual since I’ve been in the league.”

Russell Westbrook shuts down rumors about viral videos

Need more? There’s another video of Westbrook blowing off Patrick Beverley. This was more than enough to add fuel to the fire. People are still talking about his beef with Pat Bev.

“As far as the other video, I was actually talking to the coaches and they cut that video in half as well,” Westbrook said. “I was talking to the coaches about a missed coverage. So, I don’t pay no mind to it, man.

“Honestly I’m just trying to compete and do my job. Everything, videos, get nitpicked. You can cut any video and make anything you want out of it. It’s not up to me to be able to judge that. I know I’m a genuine team player. I’ve never had a problem being with my teammates, so I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing.”

Beverley put down the fire right away. He didn’t notice anything awkward at all. He doesn’t mind playing with Brodie and they even sat together on the plane. Simple as that.

“If I don’t know something happened, then I can’t really address something that I don’t know happened,” Beverley said, per ESPN. “Everything’s great. I sit on the plane, he’s right next to me. We get on the road, we hang out together.”