Lakers Superstar LeBron James Put On Blast: ‘This is What You Wanted’

The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t made an impact in the regular season and fans are worried about the final outcome. Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka didn’t make a big move in the offseason and analysts criticized players for the terrible performance. LeBron James was put on blast, too. It seems like doubters enjoy criticizing each and every player of the Lakers family.

Rob Parker from Fox Sports Radio took notice of LeBron’s Instagram post and his reaction shocked a lot of fans.

LeBron James put on blast for social media activity

Parker had a clear message to LeBron. He explained how the Lakers gave him the keys to the team. He reminded everyone that LeBron was able to do whatever he wanted. According to Parker, King James should stop blaming everyone for the mess.

“The Los Angeles Lakers, a storied and fabled basketball franchise, turned over everything to you,” Parker said during an October 27 episode of The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard. “The keys, the future, whatever. They got in bed with LeBron (James) and they said ‘LeBron, we’ll trade away everybody. All the promising kids we drafted, everybody. We want to win now, we’re gonna do whatever it takes…We’ll go get Anthony Davis.’

“And now, he’s acting like they’re taking him for granted and they don’t wanna do anything for him? All they’ve done is bend over backward for LeBron James since he got to LA! They’ve got to be gymnasts at this point, Rob Pelinka, everybody…Stop it LeBron…This is what you wanted. Now, eat it, you made the mess, now eat it and stop blaming other people. The Lakers have done enough for you.”

This may be a huge misunderstanding. LeBron posted a message, but his message wasn’t clear at all. Was this a shot at the Lakers? We don’t know… Maybe he took a shot at doubters who criticize everything he does. Let’s see how this unfolds. Will it get messy? We won’t jump into conclusions at this point. Let’s see what LeBron has to say about this. Let’s see if the Lakers find a way to win games.