LeBron James Seemingly Takes Cryptic Shot At GM Rob Pelinka & Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers lost another game and things got really messy. Losing the game to the Denver Nuggets didn’t come as a surprise. When did things go wrong? Some would place the blame on Russell Westbrook, while others say the front office should reshape the roster and get rid of most veterans, including LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Well, now we have LeBron James taking a shot at Rob Pelinka and the front office.

LeBron has great stats and he will probably have another MVP season. However, this is not enough for the Lakers as the rest of the team struggles to make an impact. Russell Westbrook recovers from his injury and didn’t see any action against the Nuggets. In other words, he is not the only problem LA has right now.

NBA analysts are a bit worried about LeBron. He has always forced teams into getting players who may contribute to the game. He is really quiet now. The Lakers didn’t make too many moves in the offseason. They got Patrick Beverley and a few other players. That’s all. These additions didn’t solve the problems LA had.

Let’s go back to LeBron

Did LeBron James warn Rob Pelinka?

Why is LeBron so patient? Well, the king of basketball may have lost his patience. LeBron shared a video of his dunk and the caption says it all…

“How long will you be taken for granted?”

One thing stands for sure. LeBron is frustrated. He said that the team is losing games because players have to improve their shooting. LeBron knows what he is capable of. He knows his potential. A lot of people criticized him in the last few seasons, suggesting that he is responsible for the failure. Maybe this IG post was related to this… He just wants to be appreciated.

Others interpreted LeBron’s post as a shot at Pelinka. He may be unhappy with the fact that the team didn’t get the right players to improve the roster. Let’s see how this unfolds. The Lakers have to make a move.