LeBron James Sounds Off On Lakers Shooting Struggles After Fourth Straight Loss

The Los Angeles Lakers lost their fourth straight game this season. Fans are really worried and NBA analysts criticized the team for the terrible start of the new season. LeBron James talked to the media following the loss and went off about latest shooting struggles.

Shooting was the biggest issue last season. It seems like the situation hasn’t changed a bit. Lakers players struggle to shoot and their frustration is more than obvious.

How can a team led by the great LeBron James lose four straight games? The king of basketball placed the blame on shooting woes. He knows that his teammates have to improve their shooting.

“We’ve gotta make some shots…Defensively, besides tonight, especially in transition, I think we gave up 30 (points in transition) which is not good,” LeBron said. “But, overall, throughout the season so far, we’ve been third overall in defensive ratings, top ten in pretty much defensively. And, we’ve been bottom in everything offensively.”

Unlike LeBron James, Patrick Beverley is an optimist regarding Lakers’ shooting struggles

Patrick Beverley is an optimist though. He believes that his team did a decent job, suggesting that everyone improved their shooting. NBA analysts wouldn’t agree with him because LA players need to work on their consistency.

Beverley says there’s no room for worries. His teammates had a slow start to the season, but things will work well at the end. He is an optimist and the Lakers have to stick to this mindset.

“I think we were shooting 20% (from three) and today, we shot 26%, so we got better,” Pat Bev said. “It’s the game of basketball, everything’s gonna even out. Obviously, we’re not going to shoot a dub from the three all season, we shot 26%, and in my eyes, we got better.”

A Western Conference executive discussed the Lakers in his convo with Sean Deveney from Heavy Sports. The executive claims that LeBron, Anthony Davis, and the rest of the players on Rob Pelinka’s roster don’t even try too hard to make things work. Are these guys even trying to look like they care about the game? That’s the very same question the executive asked.