Mac Jones Blasted After Controversial Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Mac Jones has to answer questions about his most recent controversial video. His fans are a bit confused and yes, the New England Patriots quarterback stole the spotlight again. Jones returned to game action on Monday, but things didn’t work well for him. Jones had a terrible start of the new season and now he has to deal with another issue.

Head coach Bill Belichick pulled Jones after his interception in the game against the Chicago Bears. The Patriots quarterback was intercepted by Bears rookie Jaquan Brisker, but Belichick says Jones’ removal had nothing to do with his performance.

Mac Jones making headlines with another controversial video

Something else caught everyone’s attention. A viral video is making rounds on the Internet and fans have questions. Did Jones really try to kick Brisker in the groin right before the interception?

There’s more… Another video shows Jones trying to trip the Bears rookie earlier in the night.

Jones offered an apology, saying that he didn’t mean to kick Brisker.

“I think he said he didn’t mean to do it or something like that,” Brisker said. “I just told him I hope he can get healthy and things like that — good luck.”

The Bears safety insists that Jones did it on purpose!

“Looking back, when he first slid, he had tried to trip me, so I feel like the second time was intentional,” Brisker said. “After looking back at the film, it looked intentional. I tried to avoid him. The way he slid he slid with his feet on the ground first. I tried to avoid him, and he kicked his foot up, so it was very intentional to me.”

Jones faced similar situation in his rookie season with the Patriots. Fans said he was a dirty player following the game against the Carolina Panthers.

NFL players earn fines for playing dirty, but Jones is safe for now. The NFL hasn’t punished him, meaning he didn’t do anything wrong on purpose. Hopefully, Jones won’t get involved in anything similar in the near future.