Matt Barnes Drops Wild Russell Westbrook Prediction

Russell Westbrook is the reason analysts play crazy prediction game these days. The Los Angeles Lakers veteran had a terrible debut with the team, but the franchise didn’t trade him. Skip Bayless seems to enjoy being part of the Westbrook drama. He even used the word ‘Westbrick’ to add fuel to the fire.

Westbrook issued a big warning for Bayless and Matt Barnes had an expected reaction to the whole situation.

“It comes with the money…I’m not mad at people who stand up for themselves, but to me, it’s a losing battle…You just have to be careful, you know, because Skip Bayless could run across Russell Westbrook in public and get slapped, in real life,” Barnes said. “It could happen. That’s a chance you take for being someone who talks reckless like that, but for the most part, you hope it kind of stays there. But for the most part, when you disrespect the man, when you disrespect the person, I think it’s going too far.”

Russell Westbrook hasn’t responded to Barnes’ prediction, focuses on his season

Westbrook is entering a really important season with the Lakers. He joined his teammates in the effort to beat strong opponents and yes, he is doing a good job in the preseason. Westbrook’s performance is more than enough to shut down speculation about his trade. Will Bayless learn his lesson?

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham watched Westbrook perform in the preseason and he is more than happy. The one-time NBA MVP ha probably earned his spot in the starting lineup. Will Westbrook get a big role in the upcoming season? He has definitely embraced the role he was given. Playing alongside Patrick Beverley will probably be a challenge for the talented veteran, but he has no concerns about it.

The Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors in the preseason and players seem to have returned to their old form. Anthony Davis is healthy and dominant as before. Russ improved his shot. What else could you ask for? Now is the perfect time to make a bold prediction about the playoffs. How far will the Lakers go?