NFL Insider Believes Patriots Could Trade Mac Jones

The New England Patriots are in the middle of an unofficial quarterback competition. Bailey Zappe emerged as an excellent replacement for the starting quarterback and the Patriots are now advised to trade Mac Jones.

The Alabama quarterback sustained an injury and needed some time to recover. He is back in game action, but Bill Belichick removed him from the game after an interception. Belichick says his removal has nothing to do with the interception, but Zappe’s performance hyped fans.

Patriots may be getting trade offers for Mac Jones

Field Yates from ESPN reported that Jones will start the Week 8 game against the New York Jets.

“Mac took a full workload yesterday, and I expect him to be fully available for the game and ready to go,” Belichick said. “He was ready to play last week, but just didn’t feel it was the full game. This week is a different situation.”

This goes against Jason La Canfora’s comments about Jones. According to Canfora, Jones may be traded before the 2023 NFL season.

“There will be a market for him,” La Canfora said on the “Inside The Huddle” podcast. “There are a lot of bad quarterbacks in the league right now.

“That’s where I think it’s headed. I talked to a GM this morning. He was pretty adamant that, ‘I think Mac Jones will be available by the combine one way or the other, whether Bailey Zappe looks like he’s the answer or whether Bailey Zappe doesn’t.”

The quarterback situation in New England caught the attention of many fans. NFL analysts criticized Jones’ performance early in the season. Dan Orlovsky called out the team for their approach.

“Mac Jones,” Orlovsky said. “You put Mac Jones under the center once in the first quarter. He ran one play-action pass all game. What has made your offense better over the past three weeks with Bailey Zappe is you have put him under center, you have lived in play-action, you have dominated on the ground and you have max protected. Don’t change, just because Mac Jones is in there. That’s my challenge to them now that he’s your starting quarterback.

“Run what’s best for the offense as a whole not just the QB,” Orlovsky said in a follow-up tweet.