Patriots ‘Don’t Need’ $22 Million Former First-Round Pick, Claims Analyst

The New England Patriots are doing a good job right now, but they may be better off without a few players. Is Nelson Agholor one of them? Kendrick Bourne? Isaiah Wynn? Mac Jones? The list of options is really long. Jones had a rough start of the regular season and he was heavily criticized for the poor performance. However, Jones won’t go anywhere. According to Greg Bedard from the Boston Sports Journal, the Patriots could easily lose a former first-round pick.

A reader asked, “Greg, if you were GM, who would you trade on the team and for what?  Who would you try to acquire, and what would be the cost?”

His response, “Don’t need: Wynn, Agholor. Would see what [Damien] Harris could fetch in a contract year if it’s more than the comp pick.”

Patriots may be better with the former first-round pick

Agholor didn’t have a good season with the Patriots. Belichick and his assistants had high expectations from the veteran, but Agholor failed to meet expectations. His 2020 season was disappointing, but he did a good job in training camp. Patriots fans thought that he’d found his groove, but Agholor’s struggles continued.

Belichick would easily cut ties with a struggling player. Agholor inked a two-year deal with the team and was expected to get $22 million. It seems like the veteran is on his way out of New England.

When it comes to Wynn, he was equally disappointing. Wynn is a talented player but missed his rookie campaign and failed to become a key player.

What about Damien Harris? He is a brilliant player, but Rhamondre Stevenson may steal his job. Harris sustained an injury and his future with the Patriots may be hanging in the air.

Enter Bourne. He was amazing in 2021, but has a hard time coping with the new offense. Matt Patricia has an issue with the player despite Robert Kraft’s support. Bourne has been named as a potential trade candidate and experts say he will be available for a trade at the deadline.