Patriots Getting Trade Calls For $22 Million Playmaker

The New England Patriots broke their winning record with the loss to the Chicago Bears. Head coach Bill Belichick calculates his next move and analysts have dropped their predictions. According to the most recent prediction, the Patriots will trade a veteran playmaker.

Is Nelson Agholor on his way out of New England? Jordan Schultz from The Score reported that the Patriots have been getting calls about Nelson Agholor. Trading him won’t come as a surprise. Moreover, the Patriots will benefit from this trade. Belichick has to make a move in the next few days.

Patriots have a reason to trade the playmaker

The Patriots had a really good reason to get Agholor. They offered him a two-year deal worth $22 million. He is an excellent player but his first season with the Patriots didn’t go well. Agholor delivered just 37 receptions and hit the lowest point in his NFL career. Belichick expected more than 473 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Agholor can do better than that and his performance was a bit disappointing.

Agholor has to secure his spot in New England. He almost did that early in the season. In Week 2, his team was playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Agholor had a good night. He delivered six receptions for 110 yards and a touchdown. That’s all. Something snapped and Agholor did just five receptions for 87 yards and zero touchdowns since the game against the Steelers. He didn’t play in Week 6 and played in 10 snaps in the last two games with the team. Does it get any worse than this?

If Belichick decides to trade Agholor, he won’t get too much in return. Maybe he will get a fifth-round pick or something.

Agholor may not be the only player to leave the team. The same goes to Kendrick Bourne. He has issues with the new offense and Patriots coaches seem to have issues with him. Bourne was one of the better players in 2021, but he lost his grip this season. How will the Patriots handle his situation? Belichick has to make the right move.