Patriots Host Familiar Linebacker For Visit Ahead Of Week 6

The New England Patriots will use every type of help at this point. Head coach Bill Belichick adjusted his roster ahead of the regular season, but he may need to make a few more changes. Players have been in and out and the Patriots decided to bring a familiar linebacker back for a visit.

Jamie Collins is back in the fold and Calvin Munson may follow the same pattern. According to several sources, Munson joined the Patriots for a visit and this may soon earn him a spot on the practice squad. Collins is a different breed and the Patriots have a few good reasons to sign him, but Munson can contribute to the game, too. He knows the team and this may make things easier for him.

The Patriots had the linebacker and few other players for a visit

The Patriots had Munson in 2018 and 2019 on their practice unit. He even saw action in six regular-season games in 2021. Of course, Belichick added him to special teams and Munson did 97 snaps in the kicking part of the game and nine on defense.

Munson made a few stops in the NFL and spent time with the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants. He entered the NFL as a Giants linebacker and played 14 games with the team. The Dolphins gave him a chance to play in 22 games.

Belichick is trying to add depth at several positions. Munson is not the only player to join the team for a visit. The Patriots also had defensive backs Troy Apke, DeMarcus Fields, and Quandre Mosely and offensive tackle Myron Cunningham on the field. Belichick has one empty spot on his roster and the practice unit. He will do his best to put the best guys on these positions.

New England will meet the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Bailey Zappe started Week 5 instead of Mac Jones and Brian Hoyer. This may be a really challenging stretch for the Patriots, but Belichick has everything under control. New England beat the Lions and the Browns are next on their list.