Patriots Sign Former Ravens Wide Receiver

New England Patriots veteran Cody Davis ended up on injured reserve and the team made a move to sign wide receiver Raleigh Webb. Davis suffered a season-ending knee injury in the win over the Cleveland Browns and he won’t suit up for another game this regular season.

Head coach Bill Belichick didn’t waste any time and signed Webb off the Baltimore Ravens practice unit.

Davis had a key role with the Patriots and was definitely one of the best special teamers. Losing him is a big blow for the Patriots, but Belichick always has a plan. The veteran joined the Patriots in 2020 and missed four games. During his time with the team, Davis delivered 30 tackles.

The veteran is out now and the Patriots need an athletic player who can replace Davis. Webb is nothing like Davis, but he has strong potential. The Ravens used him on special teams in Weeks 2 and 3. Belichick watched him play against his team and yes, he saw something great. The Patriots head coach made some moves to get the talented player.

The Patriots had a reason to sign the wide receiver

The Ravens got Webb as an undrafted free agent in May. They waved him in August only to add him to the practice unit right away. Webb was a standard elevation in the Week 2 loss against the Miami Dolphins and he also joined his teammates in the game against the Patriots.

Webb may be the athletic player who can fit in Belichick’s roster. He measures at 6’2’’, 213 pounds and has the best size for special teams. He may be the best wide receiver to join the team at this point.

In 2021, Webb played and started 11 games, delivering 25 receptions for 536 yards and three touchdowns. He carried the ball five times for 85 yards and 2 scores. Patriots fans will love his speed and the ability to score. Let’s see what happens this season. Maybe Webb will become a key player in New England. Belichick has picked some of his best players from other teams.