Patriots Star Shares Big Info About His Time With QB Cam Newton

The New England Patriots had Cam Newton on the roster, but he didn’t really play his best football. Newton was supposed to replace Tom Brady and Bill Belichick gave him a chance. Yes, Newton is a great player, but he didn’t become Belichick’s franchise quarterback.

Jakobi Meyers has something else to say. According to him, Newton saved his career. The veteran had a chance to play with pretty much every quarterback the Patriots had in the last few seasons, but Newton is his guy. He helped him unleash his full potential and get a key role with the team.

Patriots players had great time with Cam Newton

The Patriots veteran talked about this during his appearance on Emeka Talks.

“Not too many people know this, man, but Cam really kinda saved my career,” Meyers said. “When Cam first got there — that was my second year in the league, and it was still at a point when the season first started, I wasn’t playing. They would take me to games, they would sit me. So, I wouldn’t even sit on the sideline. I would up in the box — a healthy scratch. And that’s really not the best thing to be in the NFL.”

Meyers learned a lot from Newton and took the right direction. Something changed in Week 6 of the 2020 NFL season. Meyers played 22 snaps with 1 target and a reception for 7 yards. He missed a couple of games and then saw 41 snaps in the game against the San Francisco 49ers.

“Probably like the sixth or seventh game of the season, my mood had completely changed,” Meyers continued. “I wasn’t talking. I had headphones on every day in the building. I was really going through it. (Newton) just came to me and was like, ‘I can see it, man, I can see it. You’re a good player, but you’re just in your own head right now. Just keep going, know what I mean? When your number’s called, you’ll be all right.’ But I was down. He came and … really lifted me up. And then I finally got my chance. He was giving me the ball. He was feeding me. Stayed positive. Whenever he went training, he’d take me with him.”