Patriots Will ‘Trick’ A NFL Team Into Trading For Their Surprising Rookie

The New England Patriots selected Mac Jones in an effort to replace Tom Brady and the talented player led the team to a nice record in his rookie campaign. Head coach Bill Belichick shocked fans and analysts in the 2022 NFL Draft. He had a great quarterback on his roster. Why did Belichick select another one? Bailey Zappe became a star overnight and he has already collected a great army of fans. People like his potential and Bailey actually helped the Patriots win two straight games. Some would say the Patriots will still consider trading their rookie.

Jones is turning heads with his performance despite his struggles early in the 2022 season. Bailey’s performance is pure joy. Will Belichick give up on his young quarterbacks?

Patriots could get great picks if they consider trading their rookie QB

Zappe was great in his time as a starter and his value went up in the sky. NFL teams would gladly trade for someone with his skill set. Zappe would be a great addition to any NFL team that may be searching for a young starter.

Doug Kyed from Pro Football Focus discussed the idea of seeing Zappe somewhere else. He even quoted an NFL executive who mentioned the same topic.

“I think they trick someone into a draft pick for him [Zappe],” the executive from an unnamed AFC team said. “I think he’s smart, consistent and runs the offense well. He’s not a real guy, in my opinion.”

Zappe looks like someone who can lead their own team. He has the right skills and a “live arm”. Let’s not forget that Zappe plays better than Jones this season. He had just one pick and this one was actually a dropped pass to wide receiver Nelson Agholor. It wasn’t his fault at all. Maybe Belichick will keep him around for a while. Zappe’s grandfather wants the Patriots to keep him at center throughout the entire regular season.

The rookie quarterback is doing his best to improve his skills and has thrown four TD passes. Patriots fans have great expectations from the rookie and he may have secured his future in New England.