Proposed 3-Team Trade Helps Lakers Finally Land Kyrie Irving

The Los Angeles Lakers were advised to trade Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving in the offseason. It didn’t happen as Irving decided to stay with the Brooklyn Nets. Kevin Durant’s situation got complicated, too. The Nets kept both stars on their roster, but entered the new season with the same issues. The same goes to the Lakers. They have yet to win a game and fans are frustrated.

The Irving topic is back in the game. Numerous athletes dropped their ideal Irving-to-the Lakers trade. Dalton Trigg from Sports Illustrated has another suggestion. Fun fact? This trade would include a third team.

According to Trigg, the Lakers will get Irving and Davis Bertrans. The Dallas Mavericks are getting Kevin Durant and Kendrick Nunn. The Nets will get Russ, Tim Hardaway Jr., Dwight Powell, Josh Green, the Lakers’ 2027 first-round pick, their 2029 first-rounder, the Mavericks’ 2027 first-round pick, the Mavericks’ 2928 first-rounder, and Mavericks’ pick swaps in 2024, 2026, and 2028. Does this make sense?

The Lakers were heavily criticized for the lack of moves in the offseason. General Manager Rob Pelinka didn’t do much to strengthen the roster. Westbrook was considered a major obstacle, but everything points to the fact that he is not the only problem LA has right now.

Lakers to trade for Irving, other stars

Former NBA veteran Paul Pierce has another trade proposal for the Lakers. According to him, Pelinka should trade Anthony Davis for Durant. This puts the Lakers and Nets at the same table again.

It may be a reasonable proposal for the NBA world, but fans are worried about his history of injuries. The Nets may want to trade KD, but they wouldn’t get someone who suffers injuries all the time.

LeBron James discussed the current situation in LA, suggesting that his teammate should make the right decision for his future. Was this a hint?

The Lakers need both AD and LeBron on the floor. They need strong players who can perform at a high level. LeBron is doing great as always and so is Davis. The only problem is his health condition. AD missed another game due to an injury.