Shannon Sharpe Shreds Lakers $206 Million Superstar

The Los Angeles Lakers have made the hottest headlines this offseason. NBA analysts followed Rob Pelinka’s moves throughout the summer. The Lakers front office was criticized and praised. The team played preseason games, but analysts can’t stop talking about Russell Westbrook. Shannon Sharpe has something to say about the Lakers superstar and it’s related to recent events.

The Lakers decided to enter the season with Westbrook on their roster. They received offers from several teams, but Pelinka kept Westbrook despite his disappointing season with the franchise.

Shannon Sharpe wasn’t nice with the Lakers superstar

Everyone is watching Westbrook. What is he up to? Who did he talk to? Now we have people saying that he tried to avoid a team huddle. Westbrook says he was focused on his pre-game ritual.

Sharpe’s comments weren’t too mild. He is convinced that the one-time NBA champion is on his way out of LA.

“I think I speak for a lot of Laker fans. They’re about ready to be done with Russ, he doesn’t wanna be a Laker and the Lakers don’t want him. They don’t want him…I’ve never seen somebody wave off a huddle. I just know that when he gets the ball, I get anxious, I wanna turn the TV off cos I know something good is not about to happen. It’s frustrating.

“They made a mistake. The Lakers made a mistake, Russ made a mistake in wanting to come to the Lakers. This is not gonna work. As long as he’s on the team, the Lakers are not going to win a championship or really compete for a championship. I’m over this situation. Hopefully, they can get some value out of him running the second unit. I hope that’s the case. But it would be so much better if they were just able to part ways.”

Darvin Ham, NBA players support Westbrook

Westbrook did a good job in the preseason, but people still criticize him. Isaiah Thomas is one of the many Lakers players who voiced their support for Westbrook.

What does Westbrook think about this? He just wants to play his game. Simple as that.

“Honestly I’m just trying to compete and do my job. Everything, videos, get nitpicked. You can cut any video and make anything you want out of it. It’s not up to me to be able to judge that. I know I’m a genuine team player. I’ve never had a problem being with my teammates, so I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing.”