Skip Bayless Makes Crazy Claim About Lakers Last Championship

Skip Bayless was never a fan of LeBron James, but his latest comments on the Los Angeles Lakers last championship earned him a few enemies. Bayless is loud and clear every time he criticizes LeBron and this time he crossed the red line.

Why would he do this? LeBron helped the Lakers win a title in the middle of the pandemic. He delivers MVP performance each and every season. Yes, the Lakers didn’t make the NBA Finals in the last two seasons, but Bayless can’t just place the blame on LeBron. Well, He insists that LeBron won his fourth ring just because he got plenty of time to rest.

Skip Bayless motivates Lakers LeBron James to win another championship

NBA teams faced a real challenge in 2020. Games were canceled because entire rosters had to go in quarantine. NBA coaches struggled to put a decent lineup on the basketball floor. The NBA decided to create a so-called bubble and help players finish their season. It wasn’t easy, but the Lakers got their trophy. Now we have Bayless saying that LeBron didn’t deserve his ring.

“Do you realize the pandemic was the single greatest thing that’s ever happened to LeBron James? If not for the pandemic, he wouldn’t have a fourth ring,” Bayless said on Undisputed. “He would not have because how many months did they have off before the bubble started? It was like four months off to refurbish, to refuel, to revitalize.”

This was really disrespectful. LeBron worked really hard to get that ring. He was away from his family for weeks! Truth is, LeBron never pays too much attention to outside noise. He just tries to play his best game and help the team win.

LeBron and the Lakers are getting ready for the new season. Players had their practice and Darvin Ham is happy with the outcome. Russell Westbrook was close to being traded in the offseason, but the team has yet to make a move. Marc Stein reported that the Lakers are still looking for a trade partner. Who will be the first player to join the franchise?