Veteran Ex-Thunder Guard Asks LeBron James For Lakers Roster Spot

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the season opener to the Golden State Warriors and also lost the game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Fans are slightly disappointed, but it’s too soon to make a prediction. Head coach Darvin Ham has a plan and players have to adjust their skills to the gameplan. LeBron James has a key role on the floor again and a veteran guard is trying to earn a spot on the Lakers roster. It was a really bold move. How will the king of basketball react to this?

Although the Lakers lost the first two games of the regular season, LeBron is an optimist. He is trying really hard to win games, but his teammates have to improve their performance. Everyone has to improve their performance.

The veteran guard wants to play with LeBron James

NBA analysts are worried about the roster issues LA has at the moment. Former Oklahoma City Thunder guard Deonte Burton says he has a solution and he offered his service to the Lakers superstar. Burton believes he can help the Lakers win.

Will the Lakers try to get Burton? He plays with the Maine Celtics of the NBA G League and the Lakers have a great chance to snatch him. Of course, Burton hasn’t played in the NBA in the last couple of seasons. However, he isn’t wasting his time and plays his game in the G League.

The Lakers may need help, but Burton isn’t their best shot. The former Thunder Guard is a 22.5% 3-point shooter and Ham needs more than that.

One thing stands for sure. The Lakers have to improve their shooting. LeBron isn’t too worried about it. This is just the beginning of the season…

“I’m definitely not going to sit here and harp on what we can’t do every single game,” LeBron said. “That’s not a leader. What I know we can do? We can defend our a** off. We did that tonight, which gave us an opportunity to win and we just couldn’t make it happen. But, I’m OK with that.”