Warriors Star Reacts To Lakers Trading Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers considered trading Russell Westbrook in the offseason, but the one-time NBA MVP is still wearing a Lakers uniform. Westbrook had a hard time fitting in Rob Pelinka’s roster last season and many thought that he’d leave the team. Well, it didn’t happen and Westbrook will join his teammates for another season.

Golden State Warriors Draymond Green heard all the chatter about Westbrook. He reminded the world of Westbrook’s great talent and advised everyone to shut down rumors.

“Stop all the Russell Westbrook talk. That man is a Laker,” Green said. “They trying to make it work, and it can work. When you are as great of players as those guys have, it can work, and then adding Patrick Beverley to the floor, you’re just going to win more games, that’s been proven.”

The Lakers traded for Patrick Beverley and the NBA world was shocked. How will he fit alongside Westbrook? These two have beef, remember?

“All you got to do is watch the teams Patrick Beverley has played on,” Green said. “That is a proven fact.”

The Lakers won’t be trading Russell Westbrook at this point

Green knows that Westbrook is an excellent player. However, he knows that he wasn’t a good fit for the 2020-21 Lakers roster. The Warriors star believes that Westbrook would have been a lot better in another team. The front office tried some moves and contacted a few teams, but these negotiations got stuck in the middle of nowhere.

“I 100% think the fit is terrible,” Green said on the Checc’n In Podcast in September. “I don’t think you could talk to Russell Westbrook right now, and Russell Westbrook wouldn’t think the fit is terrible — just, because the fit is terrible, don’t mean you don’t go for it. Because guess what, if you go for it and it works, then you got a championship.”

Let’s see how things go. Westbrook did a good job in practice and had a great performance in the preseason opener. The Lakers lost the game, but head coach Darvin Ham is more than happy with Westbrook’s performance.