Anthony Davis Has Strong Message For Lakers Front Office

The Los Angeles Lakers added another loss to their chart and fans have a few reasons to be worried. LeBron James’ injury is one of them. NBA analysts have analyzed the situation in Los Angeles and most of them criticize the front office for the lack of movement in the offseason. Well, Anthony Davis has a message for the front office, too.

Lakers fans are worried that their team may be eliminated from the playoff race sooner than expected. Players are frustrated, too. Davis is not too excited about his role as a center. According to the big man, this limits his defensive skills. Will analysts agree on this one? Lakers players have issues on both ends and Rob Pelinka has to come up with a reasonable solution.

“I was able to roam a lot, I was playing the four then, JaVale (McGee) was playing the five, and Dwight (Howard) was playing the five,” Davis told the media after the game. “You know, guarding the perimeter and I got those guys behind me, or weakside helps, we were getting blocks from the weak side. Now, when I’m the five, I’m the one in the actions, pick-and-rolls, the one guarding the post – things like that…In 19-20, I was a roamer, when I can be on whoever the forward is and roam around and help protect everyone, it’s tough for me to do that when I’m guarding the five.”

Anthony Davis wants the front office to change his position

Davis averages 23 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per game while going 54.1% from the field. His stats are great, but his health condition is still a major issue. Davis has a history of injuries and he gave fans a big scare earlier this season. Let’s hope he doesn’t miss much time.

Head coach Darvin Ham won’t change Davis’ position in the near future. He has bigger issues to handle and Davis can’t really hope for a switch of positions at this point. Instead of changing Davis’ role, he will probably opt for a trade ahead of the deadline.