Bill Belichick Has Another Sour Exchange With Vikings Star

Bill Belichick will never be a fan of Minnesota Vikings star Adam Thielen. The New England Patriots head coach ignored Thielen following the Thanksgiving match. It was an unfriendly exchange and yes, we saw it coming.

Coach Belichick went straight across the field. He didn’t even pay attention to Thielen. He “didn’t see him”.

Bill Belichick told the Vikings star to “shut the f*** up” in 2018

The thing between Belichick and Thielen started a few years ago. The Vikings player had an icy exchange with Belichick in December 2018 and the Patriots head coach even told him to “shut the f*** up.” Simple as that. Things got really heated on the field and there’s a video of the whole situation. Not pleasant at all.

Thielen has great respect for Belichick though. In the postgame press conference, the Vikings receiver said he has “a lot of respect for him and what he’s done.” Thielen thought it was a “cheap play” and let emotions get the best of him. He lost his emotions and things escalated. Football games get cometimes messy, right?

Belichick is a man of a few words and he’d never pretend to be friends with players who step on his nerves. Thielen is one of these players and Belichick doesn’t even pretend to like him. Moreover, he can’t hide his true feelings about the Vikings player.

One thing stands for sure. Belichick and Thielen haven’t made up. His Patriots players lost the game to Minnesota which makes things even more complicated. Belichick wasn’t really into sharing a friendly handshake with opposing players and smiling on his way to the locker room. He didn’t like the fact that the Patriots lost the game. Seeing Thielen on his way was the last thing he could imagine that night.

The Patriots broke their winning streak and this loss didn’t sit well with the coaching staff. Belichick and his players have to prepare for the upcoming game and avoid making the same mistakes. Thielen learned his lesson. It’s more like a warning for the rest of the NFL. Don’t mess with the greatest head coach of all time.