Bill Belichick Has Odd Reply To Question About Bills Not Punting

The New England Patriots will meet the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night. Head coach Bill Belichick received a lot of questions about the upcoming Bills game, including one related to the lack of punting. Bills players didn’t pun in 2021. Well, Belichick is here to catch almost every detail and yes, he sure noticed that the Bills almost punted once. His comments will sure spark a debate. Is Belichick right about this? He is the greatest head coaches in league history after all.

The Patriots head coach went on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” to discuss the upcoming game. He used the opportunity to say that his players almost forced the Bills to punt on the opening drive in Week 16. The Bills showed great consistency last season. Their game was sharp and they beat the Patriots twice. Fans will always remember the wild-card loss to the Bills. New England had a 10-7 record, but the Patriots couldn’t beat their AFC East rival.

“I mean, we had them in punt formation on the first series of the game in the second game and gave up a fake punt,” Belichick said. “So, I wouldn’t really put that on the defense. But regardless, they moved the ball consistently against us. We certainly didn’t make them punt in the playoff game.”

Bill Belichick insists that the Bills used their punting team

Some experts wouldn’t agree with Belichick on this one. They claim the Bills never used their punters in December last season. Players faced one fourth down on the opening drive, but it came from the Patriots’ 3-yard line. Josh Allen connected with Isaiah McKenzie for a touchdown.

Belichick and his players had to deal with another fake punt by the Bills. It happened in the 2020 NFL season.

It’s safe to say that Belichick’s defense forced Bills players into some fourth-down scenarios in 2021.

Mac Jones and his teammates have to be more aggressive this Thursday. They have to win this game and avoid making the mistakes they made last season. Hopefully, the Patriots will beat their rivals and celebrate a big win.