Bill Belichick Pushes Back Against This Emerging Mac Jones Criticism

Head coach Bill Belichick trusted Mac Jones enough to give him the keys to the offense. Jones wasn’t a top pick in his class, but he did better job than any other rookie quarterback. The Alabama prospect had a successful rookie campaign, leading the New England Patriots to a 10-7 record. Things changed this season and Jones’ performance wasn’t really elite. His poor performance made people mad. Jones suffered an injury and missed time. Fans were frustrated and may say that Bailey Zappe was a better option than Jones.

Jones is back in game action, but there’s a major issue in his performance. NFL analysts criticized Jones for his field vision. They say that Belichick’s quarterback makes bad decisions as a result of his field vision. Jones’ interceptions triggered an avalanche of reactions. He didn’t throw an interception in the recent win to the Indianapolis Colts, but had a hard time finding his receivers throughout the entire game.

Is this a temporary issue? Will Jones fix it in the near future?

Bill Belichick trusts Mac Jones

Head coach Belichick talked about the win over the Colts during his weekly appearance on The Greg Hill Show. According to him, there’s no issue to be solved. Belichick wouldn’t criticize Jones for his field vision.

“I think that’s one of his strengths,” he said on WEEI. “I think he sees the field pretty good.”

Belichick knows his players. He knows their potential. Will analysts go against him this time?

Jones’ performance saw a drop this season, but there’s no room for criticism. He is an excellent player and Belichick is doing the best for the team. Putting Jones at center makes sense in so many ways. A few mistakes don’t define his skill set.

New England had some struggles early in the season. They will play against the New York Jets again and hopefully, they will win the game. Players lost a few games, but it seems like they have found their groove. Let’s see how things roll later in the season. They have to prepare for the Jets now.