Bill Belichick Requests NFL Rule Change

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is a man of a few words, but he sure has something to say when it comes to requesting a NFL rule change. Coach B wants coaches to be able to challenge plays. He talked about this during his appearance on The Greg Hill Show.

“I’ve been in favor of that,” Belichick said. “Now, I’m not in favor of adding more challenges, but challenging the plays. It’s just like in the Buffalo-Minnesota game. In that two-minute situation on the [Davis] catch on the sideline, that play could’ve been reviewed by the officials because it was under two minutes, and either it wasn’t or they missed it or however you want to characterize it.

“To me, that would be an example of a play that the team should have an opportunity to challenge if they want to and if they have a challenge left. Again, there have been other examples of that, plays that have occurred in situations where teams couldn’t challenge because [it was] in two minutes or the rules prohibited those plays from being challenged. I get the forward progress and things like that that you can’t challenge. I’m not talking about that, but I’m saying not having the ability to challenge a play that could impact the outcome of a game — even calls like holding, pass interference, and things like that — I don’t see why those plays can’t be reviewed. But, again, it’s not my decision. So it is what it is.”

Bill Belichick may make this NFL rule change happen

Belichick was triggered by the game between the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings won the game, but that wasn’t the hottest topic related to the game. Gabriel Davis from the Bills was awarded a catch, but this catch shouldn’t have counted.

Davis’ catch wasn’t reviewed because Vikings coaches couldn’t challenge it. Minnesota won the game in overtime and the NFL world can’t stop talking about the catch.

NFL officiating executive Walt Anderson admits there was a mistake. He says the NFL should’ve reviewed the catch. This particular catch “would’ve been reversed to an incomplete pass.”