Darvin Ham Puts Lakers On Notice Following Latest Loss To Kings

NBA fans predict another disappointing season for the Los Angeles Lakers. The team won just two games so far in the season the situation is far from ideal at this point. There has been major speculation about Rob Pelinka’s next move. Will he sign new players? Will he trade Russell Westbrook? Lakers head coach Darvin Ham accepted the challenge at the very first moment he accepted the job offer and he addressed the most recent loss.

Lakers players made too many mistakes in the loss to the Sacramento Kings and Ham warned them all. He didn’t place the blame on Westbrook and even defended him in the postgame press conference.

“Self-inflicted mistakes,” Ham told the media. “Whether we’re fouling, we lose an assignment, or we turn the ball over. Again, we’ve gotta be better, we gotta coach them harder, coach them better. Just make sure we’re communicating clearly, so we can put them in a position to be successful…We got 70 games left, but at some point, we’ve gotta stop saying that, right? We gotta start putting the proof in the pudding.”

Darvin Ham warns Lakers players after the Kings loss

The Lakers have a bad record, but it’s too soon to make a prediction. We can’t say their season is doomed. Losing ten games sounds bad, but the Lakers have enough time to repair the damage and play better. Everyone has to improve.

When it comes to Westbrook, he did a good job in the game. His stats are great, and hopefully, he will stop doing turnovers. Ham may be defending him, but Lakers fans are frustrated. Westbrook was a top tradeable asset last season and his reputation hasn’t changed a bit. He is an excellent player, but his time with the Lakers is filled with turnovers, criticism, and bad energy.

The Lakers have to learn from their mistakes and avoid making them again. Staying healthy is also a priority. AD and LeBron James missed time, and hopefully, they won’t miss many games this season. The Lakers already have issues. They can’t lose their superstars now.