Former Patriots Legend Tedy Bruschi Run Over By Son

Tedy Bruschi must be proud of his son. The New England Patriots legend made history during his time as a NFL linebacker. His performance helped the Patriots win a lot of games back in the days. Well, Bruschi’s son is determined to follow his path.

Head coach Bill Belichick should pay attention to the kid. Dante Bruschi plays football at Bishop Feehan High School and his skills are sharp. Yes, Bruschi works as a defensive coordinator in the same school. The kid got the good genes and will undoubtedly have a really good career.

Tedy Bruschi set up a strong foundation for his son

Bruschi became a real legend. He was more than brilliant in his 13 seasons in the NFL. He delivered 1,000 tackles and 30.5 sacks. These numbers are impressive and Dante is motivated to do better than his son. His dad got three rings as a Patriots linebacker and also earned one Pro Bowl nod. Let’s see how young Bruschi performs once he joins the NFL.

Being Bruschi’s son comes with a price. The former Patriots linebacker coaches his son at school. According to Dante, he is being “coached up” constantly.

Bruschi is not overshadowing his son in no way. Moreover, his great career in the NFL encourages Dante to pick his own path and build his own career.

Bishop Feehan Head Football Coach Bryan Pinabell has nothing but words of praise for young Bruschi. He helps Dante sharpen his skills and become even better player.

New England could use another Bruschi in the future. Tedy was a star on their roster and we have a good feeling about his son as well. Dante could become a top player in New England. He has to be consistent and explosive. Belichick likes strong linebackers and Dante fits his criteria.

The Patriots made a lot of changes to their roster. They had great linebackers, but it looks like Belichick could use more depth at the position. Will Dante ever get a chance to play with the Patriots in the future?