Lakers Give ‘Cautious’ Update On LeBron James Amid Injury Concerns

The Los Angeles Lakers are really cautious with LeBron James. The four-time NBA champion has already missed four games. Lakers fans have some questions about the timetable for his return. Truth is, the Lakers won’t rush him into game action.

LeBron has issues with his left groin. His condition has improved, but the Lakers want him to be 100%. LeBron’s injury was a big blow for the team, but his teammates have won three games in his absence. That’s more than brilliant, right?

Lakers are cautious with LeBron James for a reason

King James is taking his time to recover. He is really careful with his body and yes, he may need some extra time to recover.

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham said the front office is cautious with the superstar. LeBron will return to the floor at one point. He has to recover first. Returning to the field at this point would be a terrible mistake. Lakers players have to find a way to win without LeBron. They can do it. Obviously.

“There’s no need to be in a hurry with him. He’s going to definitely play a big bulk of games this season. It’s November,” Ham said before the win against the Spurs. “… So, it’s like, we have time on our side. …We just want to be as cautious as possible. So, again, it doesn’t turn into something that he’s constantly dealing with all season.”

Anthony Davis accepted the challenge and led the team in LeBron’s absence. Yes, he gave fans a big scare early in the season, but he’s brilliant now.

“Everybody’s confidence is very high, while not getting too high,” the big man said.

Davis averages 35 points, 17.3 rebounds, 1.3 steals, and 1.3 blocks in the last three games with the team. Crazy stats! Ham knows that his big man has understood the assignment. AD embraced the role he was given. Hopefully, he will maintain this performance once LeBron returns to the basketball court. These two can do wonders together. One thing stands for sure. NBA analysts shouldn’t write the Lakers off at this point. They can still save their season.