Lakers Star Anthony Davis Sends Stern Message To The NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers lost six games so far in the regular season and fans are a bit worried. The team had a two-game winning streak but players got out of luck. Analysts criticized Lakers players for failing to do their job, but Anthony Davis has a big message for them all and the rest of the NBA.

According to the Lakers big man, NBA teams still “fear” playing his team. We all know that Skip Bayless won’t agree with this one. He is not a fan of the current Lakers team and he is definitely not a fan of the work LeBron James and his teammates do on the basketball court.

Anthony Davis has a message for the NBA despite big loss to the Jazz

The loss to the Utah Jazz was a huge blow for the Lakers. It was a big loss and the defense allowed 130 points which is a season-high for the purple and gold.

Davis doesn’t mind any of this. Moreover, he knows that his team is stronger than the current record shows. LA is 2-6 at this point of the regular season, but Davis insists that his team is still intimidating to the rest of the NBA.

“We have a lot of guys that teams have to worry about. We’re not the team that our record shows. But any given night our team can play very well and explode,” AD said. “I know teams fear us, for sure.”

The Lakers big man had another message for those who are worried about AD and his injury. He is doing better now and his back recovers nicely. Davis is looking forward to his next big game. Simple as that.

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham wasn’t happy with the defense either. He issued a big warning for his players and they better get the message. Allowing 130 points in a game is unacceptable for Ham.

“I wrote it on up there at halftime on the dry erase board, ‘40 in the first, 35 in the second, 75 at half. That’s unacceptable,’” the head coach said. “The way we’ve been guarding all year, our defense has been top five all year, and we had a little slippage, which is human nature. It’s going to happen from time to time, especially in an 82-game season. So, the biggest thing for us is just to look at it, learn from it and try our best to not let it happen again.”