Lakers Superstar Anthony Davis Refuses To Speak After Latest Loss

The Los Angeles Lakers added another loss to their chart. Big man Anthony Davis wasn’t worried about the games his team lost, but he wasn’t really into speaking following the latest loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Lakers suffered a 114-100 loss and AD finished the game with 19 points, 12 rebounds, and four assists.

Something strange happened in the game. AD was nowhere to be seen in the second half of the game and delivered just two shots and two points. Davis had similar “break” in the loss to the Utah Jazz, but his mood was different that night. Now he didn’t even want to speak to the media.

“I need to be demanding the ball. Had some good looks, missed them,” Davis said following the 130-116 loss to the Jazz. “I can’t allow myself to go four, five or six minutes without getting a shot, whether I start hot or not.”

Anthony Davis can prevent another loss

AD was pretty confident about his team, claiming that NBA teams fear the Lakers. Yes, LA may be losing games, but Davis is an optimist. He knows that the team is made of strong guys who can perform at a very high level.

“We have a lot of guys that teams have to worry about. We’re not the team that our record shows. But any given night our team can play very well and explode,” AD said prior to the game against Cleveland. “I know teams fear us, for sure.”

This particular comment got him into trouble. Fans take notice of everything players say and they criticized Davis for his quote.

“Wait I thought teams feared the Lakers. That’s so funny absolutely ZERO teams fear them,” one fan wrote.

Reporters didn’t get to speak to Davis, but Russell Westbrook was available following the game. They asked him about Davis’ struggles and Russ didn’t say much. He talked about his performance and the things he did during the game. Westbrook did admit that the Lakers have “to figure out ways to utilize him more.”