Lakers Superstar LeBron James Sends Strong Message On Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the San Antonio Spurs, but this win wasn’t the biggest headline of the day. Lakers veteran Russell Westbrook got injured during the game and LeBron James was right by his side. The four-time NBA champion prevented a big altercation on the floor and supported his teammate in every possible way.

Spurs big man Zach Collins hit Westbrook in the head. Russ started bleeding and it got really nasty. LeBron tried to stop the bleeding using a towel. He had to do something. LeBron has always been supportive and his teammates know it best.

“Well, I saw where the cut was immediately, so,” LeBron said in a postgame press conference. “It’s just common sense to put pressure on the cut right away [and] don’t let it continue to go.

“Before we became teammates, we’ve always been like brothers and cool and things of that nature. So, his health is more important than the game of basketball. I’m just trying to stop that and let the training staff do their job after we got him over to the bench. But I actually saw the cut right when it happened once he got up off the floor and then wanted to do something to Zach [Collins].”

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook went through a lot

This leads us to every rumor related to Westbrook’s future with the franchise. Numerous reports suggested that LeBron wanted to trade Westbrook in the summer. They attended the Summer League opener, but didn’t exchange any words at all. Fans interpreted this as a tension between both Lakers players. Well, LeBron says he and Westbrook have always been “like brothers.”

NBA insider Marc Stein reported that LeBron and Anthony Davis want to get rid of Westbrook. This was the biggest rumor last summer.

“They’re never gonna say it, but I think the commonly held suspicion around the league is that the Lakers’ top stars would prefer if there was a Westbrook trade and they were able to move him and they can really try something else,” Stein said in June. “But the reality is Westbrook, when he opts into his player option for next season, he’s going to be making $47 million.”

Westbrook is a Laker at the moment and that’s the only thing that matters.