Lakers Superstar LeBron James Tries To Sidestep ‘Trouble’ With Old Team

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Los Angeles Lakers and an old story was brought to the table again. LeBron James lost the game to his old team and yes, fans used the opportunity to dig out all the comments he made in the past.

The Cavaliers used their No.1 pick to get LeBron almost two decades ago. He had two stints with the team and won a title. LeBron brought the first trophy in Cleveland, but fans are still bitter for the mess he made in 2010. The four-time NBA champion signed with the Miami Heat and got two rings. He won a championship on his way back to Cleveland, but left the team to join the Lakers in free agency.

LeBron James praises his old team

The Lakers trust LeBron and his skill set. He is the ultimate leader, but the team is not winning games. Many thought that LeBron would leave them in free agency and Cleveland was one of the potential destinations. Got the point? When asked about the loss to Cleveland, LeBron didn’t say much.

“I got in trouble last time for just giving an honest opinion,” the Lakers superstar said following the 114-110 loss. “I got in trouble for that.”

It was a messy game and the Lakers added another loss to their chart. LeBron wasn’t too frustrated because this is just the beginning of the season. He did use the opportunity to praise his old team for getting Donovan Mitchell.

“Listen, they did a great job in the offseason of picking up a big-time player. Obviously, between them and [the] New York [Knicks], a lot of people were just looking to see who was going to get [the trade] done,” James said. “I think we saw last year what team they could become. And obviously, with Evan [Mobley]’s injury and Darius [Garland]’s injury, they ended up slipping towards the end and having to play in the Play-In and we know what happened with that.”

The Cavaliers were really busy this offseason and got almost all the pieces they need to start winning games.