Lakers Veteran Guard Russell Westbrook ‘Reborn’ With New Nickname

Skip Bayless won’t stop criticizing Russell Westbrook and now he has a new nickname for the Los Angeles Lakers veteran guard.

Bayless thought it would be appropriate if he uses the nickname “Westbrick” every time he talks about Westbrook. He even defended his criticism. Bayless was never a fan of Westbrook’s game and he didn’t try to hide his frustration.

It’s time to change the nickname, right? Bayless complimented Westbrook (it was a shot at LeBron James), but trashed him with his new nickname.


“Russell Westbrick had been reborn as Russell Westbench, fire-starting off the bench,” Bayless tweeted. “Russ keeps saving LeBron! Lakers announcers suggesting he’s playing sick tonight – it’s always something with King.”

Russell Westbrook does great job off the bench despite the awful nickname

Westbrook had a terrible first season with the Lakers. He struggled to perform on the floor and fans were frustrated. Head coach Darvin Ham said he has a plan for Westbrook and guess what… He turned him into a bench player. This was more than enough for Bayless to add fuel to the fire.

Westbrook didn’t like when Bayless called him Westbrick. He even warned him on Twitter. Did Bayless learn the lesson? Obviously not.

“Yoooo… watch your mouth,” Westbrook tweeted last year. “Don’t say anything here you wouldn’t say to my face.”

NBA players are used to all the criticism they receive. However, Westbrook hated when fans disrespected his family name. It was a direct shot at his legacy and his loved ones.

“A lot of times, I let it slide,” Westbrook said last season. “But now it’s time to put a stop to that and put it on notice. There’s a difference. We need to make sure it’s understood. And every time I do hear it now, I will make sure that I address it and make sure I nip that in the bud.”

Westbrook has a good reason to fire back. Bayless likes teasing him and this game won’t sit well with the one-time NBA MVP. Let’s see how this unfolds.