Matthew Judon Names Patriots Best Pass Rusher

Matthew Judon wouldn’t say that he was the best pass rusher for the New England Patriots in Week 9. Judon is doing an incredible job on the football field. In the 26-3 win over the Indianapolis Colts, Judon tallied three of the nine sacks. He has 11.5 so far in the regular season and is the first NFL player with a double digit.

Josh Uche had three sacks in the game, too. He had one of the better games in his NFL career and Judon was more than impressed.

“He can be a premiere pass rusher,” Judon said of his younger teammate. “I always tell him, he’s probably the best pass rusher we got. I’m very happy for him. That’s my brother. I’m going to continue to speak him up and boast him, but that’s all him. He works his butt off, just to get out on the field. When he’s out there and he has success like that, I’m just happy for him.”

Matthew Judon praised the best pass rusher for a reason

Uche enjoys his minutes of fame. Judon’s comments will definitely motivate him to do even better in the upcoming game. According to Judon, the 24-year-old has a key role on the defense and he has high expectations from him.

“No, I be talking to Josh [Uche] throughout the whole game,” Judon said. “Encouragement, just communicating how the offensive line’s setting and really just telling him kind of what to call, where, and how to call it. Because I don’t know if y’all know, but Josh actually calls the plays out there when we’re on third down. So our execution is from him. That’s hard for somebody that’s in year three, and hasn’t had that much success in the NFL, and it’s third and long and he has to make the right call, right? So for him to come out there, and have a game like he had and play lights out like that, that just allows him to see what he can do in this league.”

Uche has something else to say. He is happy with his performance, but he didn’t say it was his best shot. He trusts his potential and this gives him enough confidence to perform at a high level. The young player has faith in himself even when things don’t go the way he planned.