Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Sends Loud Message On Racism

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft fights racism in every possible way. The Kraft family goes against hate speech and racists on a daily basis. They also bought ad time during the game against the New York Jets and aired an advertisement to support their cause.

Matt Lombardo was among the first to discuss Kraft’s ad, suggesting that NFL teams have to make a change. The world may face serious issues in the future and now is the perfect time to speak up and stand together.

“The issue of hate has been injected into sports in recent weeks in the wake of Kyrie Irving’s anti-Semitic comments, and into American pop culture after Kanye West’s similar comments,” Lombardo wrote. “Kraft’s actions and Brown’s Sunday monologue offered an example of the platform of the NFL to fight back against the hateful ideas that have found a home in echo chambers across factions of American society.”

Robert Kraft won’t stop fighting racism

The Patriots team owner uses his platform to address serious topics. Kraft started off a foundation in 2019 and used his money to fight anti-Semitism. He set up a good example for the rest of the world.

“Brown, and Kraft, and anyone with the fortitude to stand in the face of racism, anti-Semitism, and vile hatred by instead offering love and hope deserve to be commended just as vociferously as the comments they are responding to deserve condemnation,” Lombardo added.

Some NFL owners tend almost never pick a side. Kraft did the opposite. He went against Kanye publicly because the musical artist made a terrible mistake. Kanye disrespected the Jewish community and Kraft decided to teach him a lesson. Fun fact? He won’t stop here.

“It’s rising. In the late thirties and forties, what was going on in Germany is going on now in America,” Kraft told King. “The Kanye West thing has brought it to a head. Doing this ad was a way to make non-Jewish people understand what’s happening. We need all people, not just Jews, to speak out. When I saw that sign on the [Los Angeles] highway, it turned my stomach. It’s just not good for America. I hope that people who aren’t Jewish understand it’s in their interests, in all of our interests, to preserve the basic values of our country.”