Patriots Star Has Wild Pregame Ritual

The New England Patriots have great players on the 2022 roster and Matthew Judon is one of them. The Patriots veteran is playing his best game, leading the league in sacks. Head coach Bill Belichick has nothing but praise for his talented player. Judon’s exceptional talent makes him an irreplaceable player on the roster. Is this somehow related to the Patriots star’s pregame ritual? Athletes swear by their pregame rituals. Why would Judon be an exception?

In the 26-3 win over the Indianapolis Colts, Judon had three sacks. He is a hardworking guy who inspires young players. Patriots fans trust his potential and rely on his contribution during games. Oh, yes, let’s not forget that he has a “strange” pregame ritual.

Check this out:

The Patriots star could benefit from his pregame ritual

You don’t get to see NFL players knocking over pylons near the end zone. Judon found his formula and we won’t even dig into it. He has great performance as a Patriot and hopefully, things won’t change. Judon’s great performance can earn him the Defensive Player of the Year award. He was brilliant early in the 2021 season, but the end wasn’t really spectacular. He finished with 12.5 and yes, he will sure add more to this number.

Fun fact? Judon believes Josh Uche is the best pass rusher on the Patriots roster. He gave him credit following the win over the Colts, suggesting that Uche “can be a premiere pass rusher.” We couldn’t agree more. Uche is on a good way to have a spectacular season and Judon is here to hype his way to the top.

Belichick made some questionable moves early in the offseason and wasn’t too explosive in the summer. The Patriots look good at the moment and Belichick wouldn’t change a thing at this point. He didn’t trade his struggling players at the deadline and the Patriots will finish the 2022 season with the current roster. Judon and his teammates will be super busy in the upcoming period and NFL analysts have dropped their predictions about the final record.