Patriots Veteran Shocks Fans With ‘Bad-Timing’ Tweet

The New England Patriots didn’t make any major moves ahead of the deadline. Well, a Patriots veteran sure did his best to shock fans.

Trent Brown took to his Twitter account to write “Next chapter” and fans thought he was waiving his final goodbye to the Patriots. Oh, Brown was up to something else. He wasn’t announcing a contract with his new team. Brown wasn’t the top tradeable asset on Bill Belichick’s roster. He just picked the worst time to write this tweet.

The Patriots veteran expected to impress fans in 2022

Belichick would never trade Brown. He is a good player and the Patriots need him on the 2022 roster. They have great plans for Brown and he adds great depth to his position. Belichick wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world. He didn’t trade Isaiah Wynn because he needs depth.

Brown’s tweet triggered an avalanche of reactions on social media. Fans bombed him with questions and he had to offer an explanation. No, he isn’t going anywhere. The veteran tried to explain the situation and even offered an apology.

Belichick wouldn’t trade Brown because he is happy with the way his team looks. He built a good roster despite all the roasting his team received in the offseason. NFL analysts criticized Belichick for the moves he made, but hey, he is Bill Belichick. He knows what he is doing.

The Patriots didn’t trade Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne. There were too many rumors about these two and their departure from New England. It makes sense, right? Agholor is coming off of a disappointing season. Bourne struggles to perform in the new offensive system. They didn’t leave the team.

Losing Brown doesn’t make any sense. He has a lot to offer and the Patriots need every bit of talent on the field. They are playing against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. In other words, they will against a former Patriots veteran. Is Stephon Gilmore excited about his return to New England? Absolutely. It will be a hilarious reunion on the football field.