Proposed Blockbuster Trade Gives Lakers A $50 Million Former No. 1 Pick

The Los Angeles Lakers should take into consideration another blockbuster trade that will help them snatch a former No.1 pick. Sean Deveney from Heavy discussed the topic with a Western Conference executive. According to the exec, the Lakers should call the Magic and trade Russell Westbrook.

This deal won’t be limited to two teams though. It can easily develop into a three-team trade. Some would throw in a fourth team.

“They’d have to get more teams involved, there would be a lot to sort out on that Lakers roster,” the exec noted. “But you could have some combination of Terrence Ross, [Markelle] Fultz, Mo Bamba, Gary Harris – it’s tricky because you have to deal with the contracts, a guy like Harris or Bamba is not guaranteed next year.

“The Lakers really want to protect their cap space, they have some focus on the free-agent market next summer and Fultz has another year, there’s the Bamba option, and so on. But Orlando has to be wondering about having [Victor] Wembanyama and Paolo [Banchero] in the frontcourt together.”

A reasonable trade proposal for the Lakers helps them find great use for a former No.1 pick

This trade proposal makes sense in so many ways. Rob Pelinka will get great shooters and Ross and Bamba could be the answer to each and every shooting issue LA deals with right now.

There’s a big catch in this proposal. The Lakers will have to put Westbrook on the trade block. He is doing a good job off the bench, but we don’t know if the Magic wants him. Of course, the Lakers will have to offer future first-round picks to ease the trade.

Fultz fractured his left big toe. He signed a three-year deal worth $50 million. In his three seasons with the Magic, he averaged 11.9 points, 5.2 assists, 3.2 rebounds, and 1.2 steals per game. He isn’t the best long-range shooter though.

Westbrook is the most obvious trade asset on the Lakers roster. The team didn’t mind trading him, but they didn’t get much in return. Eric Pincus from Bleacher Report suggests that the Lakers will probably call the Pacers for a trade.

“Several executives and agents around the league believe the Lakers will eventually cave, probably for the Pacers deal,” Pincus wrote on November 1. “However, new trade partners could surface as other teams plummet throughout the year (either through injury or commitment to the Victor Wembanyama lottery). Other candidates could include the San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz or Charlotte Hornets. That list could grow into December and January as recently signed free agents become trade eligible.”