Execs React To ‘Bombshell’ Change For Lakers’ $80 Million Trade Target

The Los Angeles Lakers may not get a chance to sign another trade target. They are running out of options. Myles Turner was one of their trade targets and he decided to switch his NBA representation and join the Creative Artists Agency. This move triggered an avalanche of reactions around the NBA.

The Indiana Pacers have received a lot of trade offers for their talented player. They didn’t trade Turner because of BDA Sports. Indiana demanded two first-round picks or a first-rounder and another player. Turner enters free agency after the season and he is averaging 17.2 points, 8.1 rebounds, 2.5 blocks while shooting 54.0%

“He has had a hard time staying healthy, but he is on the floor now and he has been better than he ever has been,” one Eastern Conference executive told Heavy Sports. “Indiana wants to rebuild but the Simons (team owners) have never been ones to tank, they want to be competitive. So when the focus is on trading Turner away but now he is at an almost All-Star level and he is only 26 years old, the question is, why don’t we keep him ourselves? Indiana has some other guys with CAA, so it could be that he stays put. It was kind of a bombshell for him to make an agent change then.”

Lakers may not show interest in their trade target

Turner may end up with the Lakers in the summer. Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka has $34 million in cap space and this number may see some changes after potential roster moves. There’s a catch though. Turner has a history of injuries and he is a bit pricey. Will Pelinka pay a lot of money for someone who can miss games in the regular season?

Going to CAA could be a major hint, too. Turner won’t join Klutch Sports, meaning he will probably consider joining a different team.

The Lakers have plenty of time to make the right decision and get players who can actually contribute to the game.