Mac Jones Explains Recent Blowup With Patriots Coaches

The Arizona Cardinals challenged the New England Patriots without their star quarterback and Bill Belichick’s team took advantage of the situation. New England celebrated a nice 27-13 win, but the offense had some issues. Cameras caught Mac Jones screaming expletives and someone said it had something to do with Patriots coaches.

So, what happened on the football field? The second-year quarterback threw for 268 yards and also had an interception.

Was he mad? Frustrated?

“No,” Jones told the media. “I think the biggest thing for me is not letting it affect my play and bringing the best out of my guys. Today, I thought we all did a good job with trying to play the next play, play the next series.”

Mac Jones respects Patriots coaches

Jones had great words for Matt Patricia and other coaches. This goes against all the comments about their shaky relationship.

“Matty P did a great job. He’s trying to call the game so we can win,” Jones said. “Sometimes it might be this thing that people don’t know about, like the quick passes — for whatever reason. That’s our game plan. We knew that’s what we had to do to win, and he called a great game, stayed calm. Matty P is a very calm person, very stoic. We’re just going to continue to grow together and do what we can to win games.”

The Patriots offense struggled, but Jones had great words for offensive players. Everyone was in a good mood after the game and Jones mentioned this in his postgame press conference.

“It’s great,” he said. “That’s what we want to do, just try to win the game however we had to do it, and those guys made some great plays. The offensive line gave them the big holes and the receivers got the blocks on the outside. That’s how we want to play offensive football in the run game. We have to watch the film and see where we can do better. But that’s a good defense, [the Cardinals] blitz a lot from different places to try to confuse you and you just have to stick to your rules, so props to those guys.”