NFL Analyst Wants Patriots Coach To Be Fired

The New England Patriots lost six games so far in the regular season and analyst believe one particular coach to be fired. Is Matt Patricia the right person to lead the Patriots offense?

Head coach Bill Belichick is one of his biggest supporters. Some even believe that Patricia will replace Belichick as the next Patriots head coach. Well, it seems like some people don’t like his coaching. The Patriots work with a different offensive system this season. Let’s just say the NFL world has issues with the Patriots offense. Offensive players have 2,781 passing yards and rank 21st in the league. They have 1,259 rushing yards and rank 24th in the league.

Mac Jones received a lot of heat in the last few weeks. Fans blame him for every mistake the Patriots made this season. Well, Patricia has received his share of criticism, too.

“Next offseason, the Patriots must hire an offensive coordinator rather than pretend Matt Patricia—a former defensive coordinator—can aid Jones’ development,” Bleacher Report’s Maurice Moton said. “Though the Patriots don’t have a game-breaking playmaker in the backfield or on the perimeter, an innovative offensive play-caller can potentially elevate talent on that side of the ball.

“Patricia and the Patriots assistant offensive coaches may draw up something clever such as a play for cornerback Marcus Jones from time to time, but New England’s conservative approach doesn’t fit with the evolution of the league. Offensively, the Patriots have regressed without former offensive play-caller Josh McDaniels.”

Kendrick Bourne criticized the Patriots coach, didn’t say he should be fired

Bourne was the first Patriots player to criticize the new offense. He is coming off of a really good season, but Patricia cut his playing time to a minimum. Bourne criticized Patricia and the Patriots assistant seems to have issues with his receiver.

“It’s hard,” Bourne said. “It goes into the aspect of it, you go to the sideline you’re just like, ‘man.’ You can’t not believe in your abilities, you know we’re all here for a reason. It’s just frustrating as a man, you know what I mean? We’re all men in here and we all want to contribute, but it’s just hard because it’s 11 men. One person can’t mess up, it’ll mess up the whole thing. It’s just about being mentally strong every single play, every single second of the game. It gets frustrating, it’s just a part of the NFL.

“We just need to scheme up better. We need to know what they’re doing. Need to know what they want to do on third down, you know what I mean? We’re kind of sporadic. They call this and we call that and it falls into what they want. We need to have it where they’re falling into what we want. That’s not my job. It’s my job to just run the call.”

Wide receivers coach Troy Brown shares the same opinion. He said that everyone has to execute better and “have some accountability.”