Patriots Legendary Coach Reveals Mac Jones Biggest Problem

The New England Patriots have some issues to handle at this point of the regular season. If Bill Belichick doesn’t make a change, the Patriots won’t even get any near the Super Bowl. Mac Jones deals with at least one problem in the regular season. Most NFL analysts blame the Patriots quarterback for the bad record. Some even insist that Bailey Zappe was a better option than him.

Jones is coming off of a really good rookie campaign. He threw for 3,801 yards and 22 touchdowns in his debut with the Patriots. According to Pro Football Reference, Jones has thrown for 1,963 yards and seven touchdowns so far in the 2022 NFL season.

Bill Belichick can help Mac Jones solve his problem

Former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis seems to know the root of the problem. Wide receivers. Meyers has 50 receptions for 593 yards and three touchdowns. DeVante Parker comes right after him with his 56 receptions for 383 yards and a score. That’s all. Rhamondre Stevenson is the third-best wide receiver on the Patriots roster.

“I really like Jakobi Meyers as a receiver, but realistically tell me who the No. 1 receiver is that you’re concerned with every time you go to play against New England,” Weis said. “Therein lies the biggest problem. You can sit there and talk about Mac Jones and you can talk about Matt Patricia, but at the end of the day, when you watch the good teams play and you see who’s out there — even the Jets now, you look at their receivers now, they have good receivers. They do. You go against Buffalo, they have good receivers. You go against Miami, they have good receivers.

“So you want Mac Jones to get better? Go get him a couple of those guys,” he added. “Go get the Tyreek Hills and add him to your roster. Tell me how much better Mac Jones would be. You want me to give you the answer to that? You want me to give you the secret? He’d be a lot better! OK?”

Belichick has enough time to make changes and make things work for his team. Maybe he should move on from Matt Patricia. The Patriots embraced a different offensive scheme this season and players don’t really like it. Kendrick Bourne blames Patriots coaches for the struggles his team has. Will Belichick take this into consideration?