Patriots Playmaker Receives Crushing Hit, Teammate Wildly Motions For Help

The New England Patriots defeated the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night, but their playmaker received a big hit. Yes, NFL players get hit quite often and concussions are really scary.

Patriots wide receiver DeVante Parker was hit in the first quarter of the game. He was trying to grab the ball over the middle, but Cardinals players knocked him over. The Patriots veteran had a hard time getting up and it was more than obvious that his struggle is really serious.

Patriots playmaker left the game after the hit

It was ugly, but the NFL’s Concussion Spotting team didn’t do a thing. No one noticed Parker’s struggle. He was dazed and confused, but no one did a thing. The Patriots veteran couldn’t keep his balance and Nelson Agholor was the first to alert the Patriots medical staff. Arizona players challenged the play and Agholor used the right moment to help his teammate.

When asked about the situation, Agholor said he was just taking care of his teammate. It wasn’t a big deal, he just did what NFL players are supposed to do when players get hit or suffer a concussion.

Agholor didn’t call out the concussion spotter, but Marcus Mosher sure did. He couldn’t understand how the NFL’s Concussion Spotting team ignored this situation.

The Patriots ruled out Parker for the rest of the game and he will probably enter the concussion protocol.

Parker’s concussion didn’t throw the Patriots off balance. The team tried really hard to win the game and the defense did a wonderful job.

Arizona was without Kyler Murray which made things a little easier for Bill Belichick and his team. Murray treats a torn ACL and we all know what that means. The Cardinals used Colt McCoy as a replacement and the Patriots knew how to shut him down. It was an expected win for the team and hopefully, they will continue playing at a high level.

New England had a few big issues to handle throughout the entire season. They look good now, but injuries can easily destroy their game plan. Obviously.